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  • CARE Team (personal, social and educational support)
  • Technology Resources (free access to computer hardware, software, wifi and more)
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Contact Information

PH.D. Program 

Ph.D. Program
Program Director
Suresh Govindaraj
Administrative Assistant
Monnique DeSilva


Office of Career Management

(Specialty Master's Programs)

Please click below for information regarding the Office of Career Management for your program.

Career Management COVID-19 Operations Update


Specialty Master's Programs

Master of Accountancy in Financial Accounting
Program Director
Daniel C. Stubbs, Jr.
Program Coordinator
Trudy-Ann Morris-Hewitt
Master of Accountancy in Governmental Accounting
Program Director
Irfan Bora
Master of Accountancy in Professional Accounting
Program Director
Alexander Sannella
Master of Accountancy in Taxation
Program Director
Jay Soled
Master of Science in Business of Fashion
Program Director
Tavy Ronen
Program Coordinator
Gal Atia
Master of Science in Digital Marketing
Program Director
Stacy Schwarz
Program Coordinator
Michelle Cardenas
Master of Financial Analysis
Program Director
Daniel Weaver
Program Coordinator
Cheryl Daniels
Master of Science in Healthcare Analytics and Intelligence
Program Director
David (Xin) Ding
Master of Information Technology and Analytics
Program Directors
Vijay Atluri
Farid Alizadeh
Master of Quantitative Finance
Program Director
Yangru Wu
Program Coordinator
Thomas Hill
Master of Supply Chain Analytics
Program Director
Weiwei Chen
Master of Supply Chain Management
Program Director
Rudi Leuschner
Program Coordinator
Brody Sheldon