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Connecting with your Students Asynchronously 

Asynchronous: Instructors prepare course materials for students in advance of students’ access. Students may access the course materials at a time of their choosing and will interact with each other over a longer period utilizing the Blackboard LMS.

Kaltura Capture 

For recording lectures & more 

LMS Tools 

A different approach to instruction


Kaltura Capture 

Skip the Video tools, tips & best practices

Connecting with your Students Synchronously 

Synchronous: Instructors and students gather at the same time and interact in “real-time” with a very short or “near-real-time” exchange between instructors and students.

WebEx Meetings 

WebEx Trainings 

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 


WebEx Meetings 

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Exam and Assessment Options

Respondus Lockdown Browser 

Respondus Monitor

Exam and Assessment Matrix 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do increase student engagement during a virtual class session?

Polling is available when using WebEx Training/Meeting and Blackboard Collaborate. In addition, a “chat” feature is available to enable students to ask questions during the class session either to everyone or privately to the instructor.

Are there any forums that I can create a community to keep the class “together” when a virtual class is not in session?

Can student response systems (“clickers”) be used in a virtual class?

Polling is available when using WebEx Training/Meeting and Blackboard Collaborate