Professional Development Request

Professional Development Policy:

Full Time RBS Staff Members may apply for individual professional development opportunities during three intervals:

Requests can be submitted by August 15, January 16, and March 22.

Since this is a new initiative, FT RBS Staff may submit a maximum of one request per academic year subject to the availability of funds. The Professional Development Committee will review the request and respond within two weeks of the submission request deadline identified in August, January and March.

The Professional Development Committee requests do not include tuition reimbursement, and professional development opportunities, which are currently in your department’s budget. Based on the Professional Development Committee’s decision, a message will be sent to the individual and the manager. If you are presenting at a conference or taking a course at a conference, the Committee will consider supplemental requests for development opportunities such as a conference up to $500, which may exceed the departmental budget.

Professional Development Opportunity

i.e., Transportation, Hotel, Meals
If not willing or able to contribute, enter 0.