Study Abroad

There are many opportunities available for Rutgers Business School - New Brunswick students to go abroad, take business courses and earn credit toward their major. To find out what business programs are available to RBS students through the Center for Global Education, click on the following (PDF) download our study abroad flyer.

This section provides some basics concerning studying abroad as a Rutgers Business School student, which applies to programs offered through the Center for Global Education (Rutgers Study Abroad programs) and those that are not (Non-Rutgers Study Abroad programs).

Attention RBS students:

If you are interested in studying abroad it is imperative that you make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor, Alexandra Charles, to discuss the process of studying abroad in person. To make request an appointment, email Alexandra at

RBS Equivalency Guide

A list of previously-approved courses by Rutgers Business School are available in the Equivalency Guide.

Course Approval

  • If you wish to take a course that is listed in the Equivalency Guide, the next step is to obtain final WRITTEN approval from your study abroad advisor. You do not need to take the syllabus or the Course Approval Form to the Major Department.
  • If you wish to take a course that is not listed as equivalent in the Equivalency Guide, please email the course syllabus to the Admin of the Major Department that offers the course -i.e. Accounting, Finance, etc. –contacts are listed below.   Ask for a review of the syllabus, indicate the expected RBS equivalent in the email and provide the Major Department with the Course Approval Form for written approval.
  • If you obtain written approval from the Major Department, take the Course Approval Form to Helen Pensavalle in person at the Office of Undergraduate Programs for final approval.
  • All courses taken abroad must be approved in writing prior to the student studying abroad to ensure credit transferability. For business courses, please use the Course Approval Form for Business Courses and for non-business courses, please use the Course Approval Form for Non-Business Courses.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make certain the courses they are approved to take abroad are being offered in the same semester they are attending.
  • Please note that Business Ethics is a course offered by the Management Department, even though the course number 522 indicates that the department is "International Business and Business". Therefore, if you are looking for equivalent credit for Business Ethics and need to have a syllabus reviewed by the department, please reach out to the Management Department admin.
  • Finance Majors and students who plan to declare the Finance major or the Finance concentration
    • You should take 390:310 at Rutgers. You should not take a course equivalent to Intro to Financial Management 33:390:300 abroad. It will not transfer back as 33:390:310.
    • If you take abroad as a non-Finance major a course that transfers as 390:300 and then apply to become a Finance major, you will first need to pass a qualifying exam (similarly to students who take 390:300 at Rutgers). However, this may delay your progress because final exams in 390:310 typically serve as the qualifying exams. If you take a course which is equivalent to 390:300 abroad you are not likely to be able to take the qualifying exam in the same semester. Thus, for example, if you take a course which is equivalent to 390:300 abroad in the Fall a qualifying exam will be available only at the end of the Spring semester. Consequently, you will not be able to take either Investment Analysis or Corporate Finance in the Spring that follows your semester abroad.
  • If a student failed a course here at Rutgers Business School, he/she cannot retake it abroad.


  • Students must satisfy all of the pre-requisites and requirements here at RBS, before taking any business courses abroad.  In addition, students cannot retake any courses abroad.

SAS Core Requirements and Studying Abroad

  • Writing courses taken abroad will not fulfill the Rutgers writing requirements for the SAS Core Curriculum.  Those requirements can only be fulfilled by courses taken at Rutgers-New Brunswick. 
  • The Study Abroad experience can fulfill the CCo requirement (Contemporary Challenges: Our Common Future) as long as the Study Abroad program and courses taken abroad are approved by the RBS Undergraduate Programs Office.
  • Students participating in a summer study abroad program must be in a program that is at least 6 weeks in duration and at least 6 credits of academic coursework in order to fulfill the CCo requirement for the SAS Core Curriculum.


  • Seniors planning to study abroad in their final semester before graduation should meet with their academic advisor to ensure a smooth graduation certification.

Taking Courses Abroad

  • Business School students are permitted to take 3 business courses abroad.  No more than 2 electives will be approved from the 3 courses. It may be possible to take 4 business courses abroad with special permission only which is obtained through the RBS Study Abroad advisor.
  • Finance and Marketing majors are permitted to take only 2 department related courses abroad.
  • RBS will accept any non-business courses abroad used for requirements (core curriculum, secondary majors, minors, etc.) pending departmental evaluation and approval.  However, if an RBS student transfers out of the Business School, these courses may or may not transfer for the equivalent credit.  This decision will depend on each school’s transfer course approval process.
  • All courses (business and non-business) must be approved in writing via the Course Approval Form. For business courses, please use the Course Approval Form for Business Courses and for non-business courses, please use the Course Approval Form for Non-Business Courses. Please note that a failing grade in a business course taken at a university abroad that is affiliated with the Center for Global Education will not only calculate into your GPA, but will also count toward the RBS academic standing policy. This policy holds for both pre-approved business courses and also in the case where a student goes abroad and does not receive written approval.
  • RBS does not permit “pass/no credit” for study abroad courses. Only letter grades will transfer back, excluding an internship.
  • Credit totals earned abroad will transfer back to Rutgers as the same credit total amount.
  • ATTENTION Finance Majors: If you plan on declaring a finance major, you cannot take Intro to Financial Management 33:390:300 abroad. It will not transfer back as 33:390:310

Meeting with the Study Abroad Advisor

  • All RBS students who plan on studying abroad are strongly advised to meet with the RBS Study Abroad Advisor prior to studying abroad, to discuss RBS policies and procedures and to confirm course transferability.
  • Please email Alexandra Charles, the Study Abroad Advisor, to schedule a face-to-face meeting to go over these policies and procedures.

Departmental Contacts

Accounting: Dornell Haurey

Finance: Tiffany McCullough

Management: Karen Walters

MSIS: Luz Kosar

Marketing: Marla Shachtman

Supply Chain Management: Jackie Perkel-Joseph

Creative Writing Program

If you are interested in a Summer: Rutgers – Creative Writing program, here is the link - In this case, the writing courses will transfer back since it’s a Rutgers program taught by Rutgers instructors abroad. Check it out!

Non-Rutgers Study Abroad Program

  • Students may also participate in a Non-Rutgers Study Abroad program (a program that is not offered through the Center for Global Education).  In this case, the student must take a leave of absence and re-enroll upon their return.  
  • It is the student’s responsibility to have an official transcript forwarded the RBS Office of Undergraduate Programs, as soon as possible after the completion of the program.
  • For information on course equivalencies, please refer to the RBS Equivalency Guide, which lists approved and non-approved courses within each university.  The Guide is simply a compilation of courses that have been reviewed, not a list of all courses offered at the university.  If you find a course that is not in the Equivalency Guide, have it reviewed by the respective department.  

For further information, please contact:

Alexandra Charles

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Global Academic Ventures

What is Global Academic Ventures?

Have you always wanted to indulge in the experience of studying abroad but was hesitant about leaving during the Fall or Spring semester? Global Academic Ventures is a global internship program that offers students the opportunity to gain valuable internship experience while immersing themselves in the culture of another country.

The global internship is an 8-week summer internship with the opportunity to accept an internship in one of the following locations: Singapore,  Australia, New Zealand, and Dublin.  All internships are typical office hours from 9:00 p.m.- 5:30/6:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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Is the internship paid? Will I receive credit?

Your internship through GAV is unpaid. Supply Chain majors can earn 3 elective credits toward their academic major. All other academic business majors will receive 3 general elective credits towards his/her degree at Rutgers.

How can I apply?

Interested students are required to fill out a Global Internship Pre-Approval Application. Once approval is granted, students will receive an approval email and can then move forward with the next steps of the application process. The deadline to apply for the 8-week GAV summer internship program is January 11, 2023.

  • Students interested should have at least a 3.0 GPA or above and must be a rising junior or senior by Summer 2023.
  • Students must complete at least 45 credits and a minimum of 3 semesters at RU toward his/her degree.
  • Students must also complete the introductory level course in his/her major to participate in the global internship. For example, if you are an Accounting major, you must pass Intro to Financial Accounting with a C or better by the end of the Spring 2023 semester before you are eligible to participate in GAV in the Summer of 2023.
  • Global Academic Ventures is open to Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick students only.

Important Details

Once your Pre-Approval Application has been accepted, a GAV representative will contact you to conduct an interview. They will review your resume, discuss career goals, and learn more about your expectations for the internship program. Placements are based on previous work experience, leadership experience, coursework, and the interview.

Students are responsible for all costs associated with the program. 

If you have further questions regarding GAV’s involvement with RBS, please reach out to Alexandra Charles at