RBS Engagement and Leadership (REAL) Program

What is the REAL program? What is it's purpose?

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REAL is a data analytics & student engagement platform. The purpose of the platform is to help you measure and track the activities you participate in outside of the classroom. Employers, scholarship committees, and institutes of higher education look for well-rounded students when selecting candidates, and REAL allows you to demonstrate your engagement on one platform.

The REAL program was first implemented in the class Business Forum as a way to enhance the classroom experience through extracurricular activities. The activities are designed to develop important professional competencies and provide networking opportunities to help you become more competitive hires in the job market.

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However, these are not the only benefits of the program. Through gamification and the competitive components of the platform, you can earn points to win prizes. Whether or not you are enrolled in Business Forum, you can participate in events and earn points to win monthly prizes including RBS swag and gift cards.

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Leader Board

View the leaderboards for each program to see the top performers.

Understanding the Professional Competencies

Rutgers Business School has focused on 6 key areas of competency development as determined by employer, alumni, and student feedback: Business Acumen; Career and Professional Development; Global, Cultural, and Social Engagement; Leadership Development; and RBS Pride.

Business Acumen

Experiential Learning-Bringing topics from the classroom to life. This competency is comprised of workshops and educational modules to help you further your education and interests outside of the classroom. Featuring activities such as Excel Certifications, free access to LinkedIn Learning courses, Research Opportunities alongside world-class faculty, and more, this competency gives you the chance to take your classroom knowledge and apply it to real-world scenarios.

Career and Professional Development

Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Proud. This competency features opportunities that will advance your hard and soft skills and enhance your image and employability throughout the application and recruitment process. From career fairs to resume raves this competency encourages you to engage with the RBS Office of Career Management workshops and professional staff to help you secure internships, externships, co-ops, and offers of employment.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NEW in Fall 2020, DEI activities are designed to prepare students to effectively manage diversity in the workplace and promote an understanding of allyship and inclusivity while supporting continued learning of topics central to social justice in modern business, education, and societal norms.

Global, Cultural and Social Engagement

“If service is beneath you, leadership is beyond you” This competency features activities centered around service, justice, and community. From mentoring opportunities to events that encourage civic engagement, this competency fosters social responsibility and global mindedness in all our students.

Leadership Development

Create. Lead. Inspire. This competency is designed to develop your leadership skills both in theory and in practice. Start out by joining an organization or club that interests you and work your way up to the Executive Board. This competency will help introduce you to leadership opportunities and workshops to hone your communication, networking, and team work skills.

RBS Pride

Welcome to R Family! This competency features activities that showcase your Scarlet Pride as a Rutgers student. From engaging with RBS on social media to participating in school-wide events, this competency is meant to foster a sense of community and commitment and strengthen bonds between you, your peers, and your school.

How do I earn points?

example of real platform on mobile

example of real platform on mobile

You can earn points by attending an event or completing a task. The amount of points you can earn per event or task varies. The higher the level and number of competencies, the more it is worth.



For example, a Level 3 event with one competency is worth 50 points and a Level 2 event with three competencies is worth 60 points.

Types of Activities


Tasks range from simple things such as following RBS on social media or joining a club to more complex tasks, including becoming an executive of a club or starting your own club.


Activities include attending events sponsored by clubs and other RBS departments. All RBS clubs can submit their events into REAL for approval, however, an event must already be approved and posted in REAL to be eligible for points.

Retro-active submission of events is not allowed, and those points will be forfeited. If you think an event by your club should be on REAL and is not, check with the club’s E-board.


Complete important surveys from RBS to earn points (eg. Employment Outcome Survey, RBS Experience Survey, etc.)


Faculty, staff and students can submit activities for their club or their department to be included on the REAL platform.

Prizes & Awards

Prizes are earned by students who make it to the top of the leaderboard on the REAL application. You can keep track of where you are in the running through the mobile app or desktop version of the platform.

Monthly Prizes

Monthly leaders will receive prizes such as basketball tickets, gift cards to Starbucks, RU Cinema, Dunkin, Qdoba, etc. or RBS swag like t-shirts, notepads, mugs, hats, etc. These prizes are available outside of the Business Forum class.

Leaderboard shout-outs for non-business forum students will also be posted monthly to the digital boards at RBS.

End of Semester Prizes (Business Forum Class Only)

The top point earners in each section of Business Forum for the semester will be invited to a luncheon with the RBS Deans and receive a certificate recognizing your achievement as well as an exclusive RBS hoodie.

How to use the REAL platform

  1. Go to the app store. Search for “Suitable” download the app. Sign-in with your ScarletMail email address, which will bring you to the CAS log-in screen. Then sign-in with your NETID.
  2. Enable Push Notifications and access to the camera. You need to allow the camera access so that you can scan the QR code at events and earn points. Finish setting up your account.
  3. To upload a profile photo, click the gear icon in the top right corner and click on “Scorecard.”
  4. Earn your first 10 points by finding the task "Create Suitable Profile & Download the App". Swipe right and press "Complete and claim your points”

Congratulations you’ve now earned your first 10 points!

*If you are unable to access the app, you can also visit the website: app.suitable.co (log-in is the same)

download from google play

download from the apple app store


Email Matthew Peyrek, Coordinator of Student Experience & Engagement, with any questions about the REAL program.