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RBS Teaching Excellence Center


Our vision is to promote and sustain teaching excellence as a core value of Rutgers Business School alongside research excellence and dedicated service.


Our mission is to serve Rutgers Business School through a commitment to the advancement of exceptional teaching.


The Teaching Excellence Committee demonstrates its commitment to teaching excellence through the following two goals:

Goal 1: Advance and support initiatives that deepen the pedagogical knowledge and teaching effectiveness of the Rutgers Business School teaching community.

Goal 2: Initiate and sustain partnerships with University departments, units, colleges, and campuses to advance best practices in teaching.

P3 Collaboratory

The Rutgers University-Newark P3 Collaboratory for Pedagogy, Professional Development, and Publicly-Engaged Scholarship Center focuses on institutional interventions that support holistic faculty development over the lifecycle of an academic career.

Association of Colleges and University Educators- Faculty Development Institute

ACUE supports faculty professional development by creating inclusive and equitable learning environments through micro-credentials. Faculty can earn their pathway to being ACUE certified.

Spring 2023 Workshops

Date and Time Title Description

February 13, 2023

11:30-12:50 pm

SMARTeaching: "Beyond Course Evals: Getting (and Using) Better Student Feedback"

Do you know what your students think about your lectures, discussions, activities, or your carefully crafted assignments? This workshop explores how to take advantage of student feedback while teaching and after the semester is over. We discuss multiple techniques for gathering student feedback, how to develop good questions, and how to employ quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze the data you obtain.

This session will help you develop the insight you need to understand student concerns, address them with students, and improve your teaching. Offered as part of the SMARTeaching series in collaboration with the P3 Collaboratory.

Monday, April 10, 2023

11:30-12:30 pm

Keeping it Simple on Canvas: Effective Design for Organizing and Reaching Students
  1. Reimagining Canvas
    1. Streamlining course content onto a single homepage chart
    2. Responsive course schedule: One-stop shop for assignments, exams, memos, readings, etc.
  2. Connecting with Students Differently
    1. Weekly video memos that personalize announcements
    2. Meet and greet sessions during Office Hours
    3. Communication tools: Email or GroupMe?
  3. Podcasts/Vodcasts as Reading List
    1. Students respond to stories: reality and relevance
    2. Present an array of narrative types and subject matter
      1. These can be anything from generic TED Talks to specific personal interviews with experts (i.e., the new guest speaker model)