Mentoring for Ph.D. Students

TEC provides mentoring services for Ph.D. before, during and while they are in the classroom.

The TEC fellows actively participate in the Ph.D. program’s Teacher Training Seminar. The fellows observe mock lectures delivered by the students in their respective departments, complete an evaluation form and provide constructive feedback on a one-to-one basis.

The Accounting and Information Systems department runs a summer mentoring program for its Ph.D. students teaching for the first time during the summer term. This mentoring consists of meetings with a TEC fellow prior to the beginning of the semester where the Ph.D. students are provided with course syllabi, materials, lecture notes, etc. The students are also given the opportunity to meet with publisher’s representatives who demonstrate the software that accompanies the textbooks used for each course. A TEC fellow will observe the student teaching an actual class session, complete an evaluation form and a meet with the student to provide feedback. The TEC fellow will also advise on course issues that range from student needs, make up exams and academic integrity.