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Tutoring Available

Rutgers Business School has proudly partnered with Knack — a platform enabling Rutgers Business School students to book course-specific peer tutoring and mentoring services. Knack Tutors are fellow students who have previously aced the courses they offer assistance in; tutoring is completely free and sessions can take place in-person or online. If you want to sign up as a tutor, please visit this page or reach out to our Knack support team. To view available tutors, visit rutgers.joinknack.com and sign in with your NetID. 

Get Started

  1. Visit the Rutgers Knack Website and sign in with your student account
  2. Set up your profile and notifications preferences. 
  3. Request a tutor! (It’s that simple)
    • Indicate the course and topics you need assistance in and a match tutor who previously took and aced the course will contact you to help in person or online. 

Tutoring is available for the following courses in the Spring 2024 term:

  • 33:010:272 Intro to Financial Accounting
  • 33:010:275 Intro to Managerial Accounting
  • 33:010:325 Intermediate Accounting I
  • 33:010:326 Intermediate Accounting II
  • 33:010:415 Concepts of Auditing
  • 33:010:421 Income Tax Accounting
  • 33:010:451 Cost Accounting
  • 33:010:458 Accounting Information Systems
  • 33:390:300 Financial Management
  • 33:390:310 Financial Management for Finance Majors
  • 33:390:380 Investment Analysis
  • 33:390:400 Corporate Finance
  • 33:136:385 Statistical Methods In Business
  • 33:136:386 Operations Management
  • 33:136:370 Management Information Systems
  • 33:136:400 Business Decision Analytics Under Uncertainty
  • 33:136:388 Foundations Of Business Programming
  • 33:136:485 Time Series Modeling For Business
  • 33:136:494 Data Mining For Business Intelligence

Connect with us!

Questions? Please email us directly: 

Dr. Madhavi Chakrabarty

Senior Director of Undergraduate Student Experience (UGX)

Asst. Prof of Professional Practice in Marketing - Rutgers Business School Newark & New Brunswick