RBS-Newark Tutoring

Tutoring Available

Rutgers Business School has proudly partnered with Knack — a platform enabling Rutgers Business School students to book course-specific peer tutoring and mentoring services. Knack Tutors are fellow students who have previously aced the courses they offer assistance in; tutoring is completely free and sessions can take place in-person or online. To view available tutors, visit rutgers.joinknack.com and sign in with your NetID.

Tutoring is available for the following courses:

  • Financial Accounting 29:010:203
  • Managerial Accounting 29:010:204
  • Cost Accounting 29:010:304
  • Intermediate Accounting I 29:010:305
  • Intermediate Accounting II 29:010:306
  • Federal Taxation I 29:010:413
  • Advanced  Accounting 29:010:423
  • Financial Econometrics 29:390:300
  • Demand Planning & Fulfillment 29:799:310