Academic Advising

From the time you are accepted until you graduate, academic advisors at Rutgers Business School Undergraduate Program in Newark are ready to provide decision-making help from choosing a major to selecting courses to discussing graduation requirements.

Please visit Academic Advisement for more information on the advisement process.

Financing Your Education

There are programs, financial aid, and scholarships that help veterans, active duty service members, and eligible dependents foot the bill for a higher education. In one of the largest programs, many people who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere will be heading to universities under the terms of the new Post-9/11 GI Bill. Which program is right for you? That depends on your personal circumstance, so it's up to you to get information to weigh your decision carefully.

For more information on the United States Veterans Administration educational assistance programs, please visit the Rutgers Newark Office of the Registrar.

Military Leave Policy

Rutgers' Policy for Military Leave, Academic Credit, and Tuition Refunds for undergraduate and graduate students who are called to active duty is explained on the Rutgers Policies website. If you are called to active duty, inform your school's dean and the VA School Certifying Official. Failure to comply could result in you incurring a debt to the VA.

Student Resources

At Rutgers Newark, you're not alone. There are hundreds of other students here who share your background in the service, great people ready to introduce you to Rutgers.

Be sure to take advantage of your time here to follow your interests or delve into new pursuits. There are plenty of club options to explore. Check out RBS-Newark Student Organizations. You'll probably find something that grabs your attention.

Additionally, we invite you to visit the Rutgers-Newark Veteran Affairs office in the Paul Robeson Campus Center. This is a ‘first-stop shop’ for our military-affiliated students.