Volunteer Researchers

Supply Chain Disruption Research Laboratory

Student Volunteers Expectations and Rewards

The Supply Chain Disruption Research Laboratory (SCDrl) is actively looking for volunteer researchers in undergraduate and graduate programs at RBS and other Rutgers programs to help with administering studies and collection of data. Current volunteers are involved in administering experiments in conferences, interviewing managers involved in disruption management and collecting data from newspapers and publications on the effects of disasters such as hurricane Sandy and Katrina.

Conditions and expectations for volunteering are simple

  1. To allocate no less than 6 hours per week (anytime in the week) on the responsibilities set for you. In general, much of the work can be done from anywhere with internet, computer and possibly a phone. Exceptions may be interviewing managers and directors onsite or field trips to facilities.
  2. There is only benefit if volunteers stay on the job for a while. So, expectations are to stay with the laboratory working for no less than one semester or equivalent thereof (5 months).  

Benefits to you can be several

  1. You become acquainted as to how academic research is conducted.
  2. Second, you are more likely to become acquainted with laboratory faculty, and make them aware of your capabilities. Reference for jobs and recommendations are likely to be stronger as a result.
  3. You will be exposed to attend conferences and network with possible Supply Chain and Manufacturing managers.

Grants, funding and paid positions

The laboratory is actively pursuing grants and funding, at which time paid volunteers will be considered.


For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Azadegan at aazadegan@business.rutgers.edu.