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About RBS Websites

The RBS Website is the main website for the school. It was designed to communicate to prospective students, media, alumni, recruiters, industry, and other external constituents. All information on the RBS Website is written first and foremost for those audiences.

A separate website, called myRBS (this website), was designed for current students, faculty, and staff (i.e., internal constituents). All information on myRBS is written first and foremost for these audiences.

Website management

The Office of Communications & Marketing oversees all business school websites, including web content, design, technology, and governance.

To maintain adherence to Rutgers branding, RBS digital marketing strategies, and legal requirements for web accessibility, all website changes are managed by the Office of Communications & Marketing. The only exception to this policy is microsites for research centers and select internal departments.

Full list of business school websites

Updating a Webpage

If you are an RBS staff or faculty member and would like to request a change to information on a business school website, please email

Please include the following:

  • Which page you're referring to (copy & paste the URL)
  • What information on the page should change
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