Faculty and Researchers

Faculty members belonging to any department at RBS can schedule behavioral studies in which undergraduate students participate – either online (e.g., via Qualtrics) or on-site in the new RBS Behavioral Lab (5th floor, 1 WP).

Researchers simply need to contact Oliver Sheldon or Oscar Moreno prior to the start of the semester in question, providing either with a description of their planned study, along with all relevant details, and confirmation that IRB approval is being sought. All faculty interested in running a study in the lab must submit a Lab Request Form.

Once this request is approved, faculty members will be assigned a two week-long time slot at some point during the semester during which their study will run. Faculty members will then need to work with the Ph.D. lab coordinator (Sevincgul Ulu) and the undergraduate assistants running the lab to ensure they have a complete understanding of how the study should be run. Two weeks prior to your assigned study run date, please contact the Ph.D. student lab coordinator to set up time to review your study.

All faculty members who plan to use Sona must first have their study approved by a faculty lab coordinator (currently Oliver Sheldon and Oscar Moreno).