Part-Time MBA Final-Year Experience

Employers recruit graduating MBA students in the fall semester for their formal MBA recruitment programs, including their leadership and rotational programs.  Therefore, the OCM holds the Career Management Workshop every spring to help graduating Part-Time MBA students prepare for the fall semester's On-Campus Recruiting Program.

View the Career & Academic Management Plan.

Class of 2022 students, please click here for the OCR Program that takes place in Fall 2021.

Step 1: Activate Your BusinessKnight Account

Step 2: Attend Career Management Workshop

The CMW is a mandatory three-hour workshop held each spring to help graduating Part-Time MBA students participate in the fall semester On-Campus Recruiting Program for full-time positions. It is the responsibility of each Part-Time MBA student to have completed a minimum of 24 credits of coursework by the end of the summer semester to be eligible to attend the CMW.

Step 3: Resume Approval

Attain at least 75% on Vmock.  After scoring a minimum of a 75% on Vmock, you must submit your resume in the RBS Resume Format for approval before the deadline. You may request an appointment for resume review by e-mailing your availability for a two-week period: or You will be contacted with a date and time.

Step 4: Pass Mock Interview

You must pass a mock interview before the deadline. Arrange a mock interview by e-mailing your availability for a two-week period: or You will be contacted with a date and time.

Step 5: Pass My Consulting Coach Course
(5 required sections and 5 practice cases)

Career Resources for Part-Time Students Below 24 credits

Each year the MBA Office of Career Management focuses on two Classes:

  1. Incoming Full-Time Class for summer internships;
  2. Outgoing Part-Time and Full-Time Class for full-time jobs;

However, Part-Time students are encouraged to contact the OCM at any time during their tenure at RBS if they want career advice.

Take immediate advantage of these resources:

Career Advisement Appointments

If you would like a career-advisement meeting, please send your availability for a two-week period to either Dean R. Vera or Melinda Lawson.

Career Resources

Evisors Webinars

Evisors brings you insights from their top experts on topics ranging from career advice to industry insights and more, through our ongoing series of interactive webinars:

Beyond B-School

Beyond B-School’s expert career resources prepare MBAs with leading-edge strategies and skills for career advisement and the job search:

Vault Career Guides

Use to learn more about a career, company, or industry:

Access these publications through Dana Library.

Dana Research Library

Use for career, company, and industry research:

Salary Negotiations

Exit Survey

If you are graduating in 2018 AND have utilized the services of the OCM, please complete this survey.