Internship / Co-op / Externship Comparison

Internship Co-op Externship
Structured employment that allows for skill building in an industry over a shorter period of time Structured employment that extends over a longer period of time and is similar to the work week of a full-time job Known as “job shadowing” that allows students to ask questions of a professional in the field over a brief period of days or a few days
1-3 credits may be granted 6 credits granted; 3 major elective and 3 restrictive or “free” No credits granted
Typically 15 weeks 6 months 1 day, 3 days, to 5 days
Can be part-time; (10-20 hours per week) or (35-40 hours per week during a summer internship Full-time work 35-40 hours per week Schedule set by individual or employer
Available Fall, Spring, Summer Co-op periods available June to December; January to June Typically Fall
Compensation can range from $15-20 per hour – varies based on the firm; may also be unpaid Compensation can range from 15K to 25K No compensation

Fall/Spring - Students may only register for up to a maximum of 15 credits; (1-3 Internship Credits + 12 Classroom Credits)

Summer – Students may only register for a maximum of 14 credits; (1-3 Internship credits + 1-11 Classroom credits)

Students may only register for up to a maximum 15 credits; (6 Co-op Credits + 1-9 Classroom Credits) No credit registration restriction. No externship credit provided.