How to Find an Internship, Co-op, or Externship

How Do I Find an Internship or Co-op Opportunity?

  1. Job Postings - Applying for opportunities via RaiderNet available to RBS-Newark students
  2. Career Fairs - Check out the Events Page for more information. Don’t miss out! Companies visit Rutgers to target students within the business undergraduate community.
  3. Your peers - Many of your peers are aware of intern opportunities or have been employed as a past intern, which might be of interest. Network with your peers and inquire to find out what they know. Ask the juniors and seniors who have had opportunities as interns for advice!
  4. Professors - At times, you will find they are connected directly to the organizations on your target list.  Be aware that faculty value their corporate network and relationships. They may be cautious about leveraging their network unless they know you well enough to make a recommendation.
  5. Personal Network - Your parents, friends, and others may be aware of Internship opportunities if they knew you were seeking. Let people around you know what you are looking for.  Contacts are everywhere.
  6. Create an Internship (Internship Only) - Typically, small or medium companies do not have formal structured internship opportunities, yet would welcome a student employee. Consider offering your support to an organization and initiate a discussion about hiring “you” as an intern.

How Do I Find An Externship Opportunity?

Through the events and learning activities on-campus, you will meet professionals in a variety of industries. Students have been able to find Externships on Raidernet and through students clubs in such companies as Prudential and Johnson and Johnson.

  • Check Raidernet for Externship listings available to RBS-Newark students
  • Join and actively attend student club information sessions
  • Attend Corporate Information Sessions

Need Help in Finding an Internship or Co-op?

Contact the Office of Career Management.