Dean's Staff Advisory Committee

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  • You can email or call any member, or walk in to any member’s office
  • Or you can fill out our confidential form online to contact us by going to:

Dean's Staff Advisory Directory

Key Contacts:

  • Newark Co-Chair: Marc Limata, Assistant Director, Office of MBA Student Services
  • New Brunswick Co-Chair: Leigh-Anne Cobb, Program Coordinator, Office of Career Management

Committee Members


The mission of the Dean's Staff Advisory Committee is to provide staff a voice to senior RBS leadership while working on improving the culture of Rutgers Business School through standardized communication, resource, respect for diversity, a commitment to professional growth, and creating a centralized forum to bridge the gap between Newark and New Brunswick. Work together to maintain a high standard for all Staff members.

What We Do

Listen to the staff on matters:

  • On the great things RBS is doing and how we can continue to excel
  • On concerns any staff member has regarding RU, RBS, or their department
  • On how to improve the RBS experience and culture for all staff members
  • On how to improve the RBS experience for students which will make staff job’s more efficient
  • Communicate any information that pertains to staff
  • Work on developing staff and help champion professional development opportunities
  • Participate and host events to advance the RBS brand

How We Will Communicate With Staff

  • Topics brought to our committee will be discussed privately
  • The committee will try to resolve issues for staff if they have the ability to do so
  • Topics not resolved by committee will be brought to the Dean’s Office Designee
  • Topics that involve all staff members (topics that were brought up from Staff Check-ins) will be communicated to staff via email