Advanced Standing Policy

Students may earn up to six graduate credits of advanced standing.

Ways to earn up to 6 credits:

  1. Transfer credits from another AACSB accredited MBA program
  2. Passing the Mini-MBA Final Exam (maximum 3 credits as elective)
  3. CPA License (Accounting for Managers Waiver, 3 credits granted)
  4. JD Degree (Law and Legal Reasoning Waiver, 2 credits granted)

To place out of core courses, students may take up to two challenge exams. If successful, these students may substitute upper level courses in lieu of the core courses, but will still be required to take the requisite number of credits (49) to complete their degree.

RBS will NOT allow undergraduate credit to substitute for core and foundation course requirements.

Credits outside Rutgers Business School but are taken at Rutgers University:

Students with permission may take a maximum of six credits at Rutgers University that are outside the MBA program. This will not factor into your advanced standing or transfer credits. Permission must be granted by the MBA Assistant Dean of Full-Time or Part-Time Program, and the Assistant Dean/Program Director of the Rutgers University School or program allowing an MBA student to register for a course.

Students must be registered by that outside program, as your MBA academic advisor can only register you for MBA classes. Students must provide their MBA academic advisor or assistant dean with the following:

  1. Syllabus of graduate coursework
  2. Written justification as to why they are taking a course outside the MBA program.

All credits taken outside the MBA program are for elective credit only unless approved by an MBA department chair. If the course is not for an MBA elective, please contact the department chair of your concentration directly before contacting your advisor. The program chair must email your advisor directly that the course will count for a specific concentration.

Dual Degree MBA Students:

The only exception to the advanced standing policy is MBA dual degree students. You must be admitted to both RU graduate programs at matriculation, and you would be advised by admissions of both Rutgers schools. Please follow your course plan about transfer credits. Some dual degree programs allow 12 credits of advanced standing. This arrangement does not apply to the typical MBA student.

Non-Rutgers MBA Students:

Students who are not enrolled in the MBA program or at Rutgers Business School can only register for up to six credits with permission from the MBA Program. If an MBA course has prerequisites, the student must consult with the MBA program chair or faculty for permission to register. Students will have to provide a letter from their academic dean or program director, provide written justification as to why they want to register for MBA coursework and complete an MBA special permission and registration form. There is no guarantee that a student outside the MBA program will be registered for an MBA course. If an MBA course is full, our office cannot grant a course over-enrollment waiver.