Helpful Executives-In-Reach Program

The Helpful Executives-In-Reach (HEIR) program at Rutgers Business School connects MBA students with senior executives within the professional field they are preparing for. These HEIRs act as a resource, and in offering their unique perspective and professional insights to students, help in the transformation of business students into successful and responsible business professionals. HEIRs are subject matter experts in a particular area or specialization, who are appointed on a rotating basis to provide professional advice to MBA students (Full or Part-Time) interested in gaining expertise in that same area. MBA students are encouraged to contact these executives with questions related to career planning and navigation. The HEIR program begins with a call-in event or webinar when an HEIR is appointed. Following this, MBA students who are specializing in the identified topic will receive contact information for the HEIRs, and are encouraged to contact them with relevant questions. The HEIR program is a mentoring initiative. HEIRs should therefore be contacted for professional planning advice or industry insights only, and not contacted for internship or career placement opportunities.

Spring 2020 Helpful Executive in Reach:

Area: Strategy & Leadership

William R. Downey Jr.
Senior Vice President - Business Development
Novvi LLC