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The TeamUP mentoring program helps in the transformation of Rutgers Business School undergraduates into responsible business professionals. Students accepted into the program will consult one-on-one with a business professional to obtain insights about their profession, as well as guidance on how to grow and prosper within the industry. The mentoring relationships explore topics such as career pathways, networking, and skill building. Mentoring is an impactful way for students to extend learning beyond the four walls of a classroom and for mentors to give back and aid in the development of students. Wherever you are in your professional or student journey, TeamUP can help you advance toward your goals.

For Professionals Interested in Mentoring

  • DEVELOP feedback and critical thinking skills
  • GROW your network in the professional landscape
  • ADVANCE your leadership skills
  • SUPPORT Rutgers University (non-alumni welcome!)

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For Undergraduate Students

  • GROW professional networks
  • LEARN to navigate collegiate challenges
  • DEVELOP your leadership skills
  • EXPLORE opportunities and build your career path

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For MBA Students

  • BROADEN professional networks
  • ENHANCE transferable skills
  • EXPAND professional opportunities
  • GAIN industry insights

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Program Impact


Mentors in the undergraduate program


Mentors in the MBA program


Facilitated mentoring relationships between students and business professionals per year

Mentor Affiliations

Our mentors are experienced business professionals who work at these and several other of the world’s leading companies.

“TeamUp was so valuable because my mentor not only taught me business and professional skills, but life skills as well. This program made me comfortable speaking with professionals and gave me the resources necessary to prepare for my future. The time commitment was great because, as a student, I did not feel overwhelmed by the deadlines, but I was still able to form a great relationship with my mentor. I am grateful that this program introduced me to a wonderful resource to go to for advice not only in the business world but with academics and life in general.”
—  TeamUP Student- Sophomore, Business Analytics and Information Technology Major, New Brunswick
“Pairing experienced professionals with students provides the students with an invaluable opportunity to expand their networks and receive guidance on how to develop career plans and strategies early in their work lives. In addition, the students can receive guidance on how concepts and principles they learn in the classroom are applied in an actual work environment, which can enhance their learning experience. The benefit I get from this program is the enjoyment of passing along my experience to the mentees so they can avoid mistakes I made early in my career.”
—  TeamUP Mentor
Rutgers Business School alums Joseph Maurer and Alyssa Trecozzi
TeamUp News

A pair of alumni demonstrate the lasting power of TeamUP mentoring program

A student and an alumnus who teamed up in a Rutgers Business School mentoring program demonstrate the potential impact and power of a long-lasting mentoring relationship.
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The advantage of teaming up

A mentoring program at Rutgers Business School gives undergraduate students the ability to enhance their learning with insights from a working professional, and it gives alumni and others a chance to give back.

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