Students in the program are expected to work closely with the faculty. They are expected to participate in the research seminars of their department, to cooperate with individual faculty members on research projects, and to seek advice from a number of faculty members on their choice of courses and research projects. They can also expect that the faculty will provide them with appropriate evaluations of their progress.

Each student in the program is assigned an individual adviser.

New Student Orientation

Advising begins at the New Student Orientation, which takes place during the week preceding the beginning of fall classes. All new students are required to attend this orientation, where they are assigned initial advisers, are introduced to the research orientations of their area faculty, and enroll for their first semester courses and professional development activities.

Note! International students receiving financial support as teaching assistants are also required to attend an earlier two-week orientation, which includes training in teaching skills, evaluation of communication skills, and advising for international students.