Students who have withdrawn from the program or failed to submit a timely update to their study plan may apply for readmission. Such an application is normally considered only on May 1 or December 1 and requires the submission by the student of the study plan update expected from students in the program on that date.  Decisions on readmission are made by the Program Director in consultation with the faculty of the student’s major. The decision of the Director can be appealed to the Executive Committee.

Students who have been dismissed from the program by the Executive Committee cannot be considered for readmission.

Students who have left the program by exceeding the time limit for completing their degree will be readmitted to the program by the Program Director only with the approval of the Executive Committee. The policy of the committee is to treat such requests in the same way as requests for extensions of the time limit; it will grant readmission only for a few months (one semester at the most) and only if the request includes a date for the final defense of the dissertation within this period.