Withdrawing from a Course

A student may withdraw from a course through the eleventh week of classes. Courses dropped during the first two weeks of class are deleted from the student's record; courses dropped from the third to eleventh week result in a W grade.

Withdrawal forms may be obtained from the Program Office.  The form requires the adviser's signature.  If the course is required for the qualifying examination for the major, the doctoral coordinator must also approve the withdrawal.  If dropping the course implies a delay in the student's qualifying examination beyond the date required by program rules, the permission of the Program Director is also required.

A student considering withdrawing from a course should also remember that full-time status, required for financial aid and student visas, requires that the student take 3 degree courses each semester.  (A degree course is one that counts towards the 72 credits required for the Ph.D.; this does not include courses in English and writing, and it also does not include the dummy credits that are authorized for TA work.)