Accounting Major

Accounting involves the examination, organization, management and design of accurate recording and reporting procedures of financial and business transactions. Some major specializations include public accounting, tax accounting, cost accounting, government accounting, budget accounting and internal auditing.

Students can obtain a BS degree in Accounting. Additionally, students preparing for a career in public accounting, who meet specified academic requirements, have the opportunity to enroll in an accounting program at the master's level at the Rutgers Business School.

School Core Courses

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Required Courses (21 credits)

Course # Title Cr
33:010:458 Accounting Information Systems 3
33:010:401 Advanced Accounting 3
33:010:415 Concepts of Auditing 3
33:010:451 Cost Accounting 3
33:010:421 Income Tax Accounting 3
33:010:325 Intermediate Accounting I 3
33:010:326 Intermediate Accounting II 3

Electives (3 credits)

Course Title CR
33:010:416 Audit Analytics* 3
33:010:422 Topics in Income Taxation 3


  • * Students who enter RBS in Fall 2018 and thereafter will be required to take Audit Analytics 33:010:416 instead of a business elective
  • Management Information Systems may not be used as the business elective