Finance Major

Finance focuses on all aspects of money management, such as investment, collection, disbursement, borrowing, and fund-raising. These individuals prepare financial reports needed to conduct operations and to satisfy tax and regulatory requirements. Finance graduates also oversee the flow of cash and investments and develop information to assess the present and future financial status of an organization.

School Core Courses

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Required Courses (9 credits)

Course # Title Cr
33:390:400 Corporate Finance 3
33:390:420 Derivatives 3
33:390:380 Investment Analysis 3

Electives (12 credits)

Course # Title Cr
33:390:440 Advanced Corporate Finance ***RBS 24/7™ 3
33:010:472 Analysis of Financial Statements** 3
33:390:410 Asset Pricing and Portfolio Analysis 3
33:390:460 Corporate Risk Management 3
33:390:331 Ethics in Finance 3
33:390:450 Financial Analysis, Planning & Forecasting 3
33:390:490 Fixed Income 3
33:390:320 Global Capital Markets 3
33:390:414 Indexing and ETFs 3
33:390:375 International Financial Management 3
33:010:325 Intermediate Accounting I* 3
33:390:385 Investment Banking Analysis 3
33:390:465 Pension Fund Investment & Management 3
33:390:435 Real Estate Finance & Mortgage Backed Securities 3
33:390:480 Research In Finance 3
33:390:481 Research In Finance 3
33:390:430 Treasury Management (formerly titled Working Capital Management) 3

*Note: Although Intermediate Accounting I (33:010:325) is included as an elective for the finance major, priority for this class is given at registration to accounting majors.

**Note: In accordance with the RBS New Brunswick policy for double/triple majors, at most one (i.e., NOT BOTH) of the Accounting courses (Intermediate Accounting I or Analysis of Financial Statements) may be counted as a Finance elective.

RBS 24/7 logo***RBS 24/7™ designates that this is a synchronous class, where the content is video streamed live and recorded, so that it is available for asynchronous viewing anytime (24/7). In addition, RBS 24/7™ classes offer access to a virtual helpdesk that offers extended, supplemental learning support. Contact the finance and economics department to learn more.