Marketing Major

Students must take at least 18 major credits beyond the school core, including 9 credits of the required courses and at least 9 credits of electives.

Required Courses (9 credits)

Course # Title Cr
29:630:374 Consumer Behavior 3
29:630:385 Marketing Research 3
29:630:452 Marketing Strategy 3

Electives (9 credits)

Course # Title Cr
29:630:363 Advertising 3
29:630:368 Retail Marketing 3
29:630:369 New Product Planning 3
29:630:370 Business-to-Business Marketing 3
29:630:371 International Marketing 3
29:630:372 Services Marketing 3
29:630:401 Sales Management 3
29:630:475 The Branding of Fashion & Other Creative Pursuits 3
29:630:486 Independent Study in Marketing* AR
29:630:428 Marketing and Society 3
29:630:491 Internship/Cooperative** AR
29:630:495 Marketing Cooperative Education** 6
29:630:497 Special Topics 3
29:630:498 Brand Management 3
29:630:499 Marketing Consulting for Small Business 3

*Note: Must have prior approval by RBS Undergraduate Programs Office to register.

** Must have prior approval by RBS Office of Career Management to register

AR = Credits by arrangement.

Double Major Policy

For students who claim 799 as their secondary major, they have options to double count 3 elective credits from their primary major as follows:

  • If the primary major is finance, then double count 390:440 Treasury Management
  • If the primary major is accounting, then double count 010:451 Cost Accounting
  • If the primary major is marketing, then double 630:385 Marketing Research
  • If the primary major is management, then double count 620:350 Negotiations

If the student drops the second major in Finance or Accounting those courses cannot be used as supply chain major electives. The marketing course and the management course can still be used as electives if second major is dropped, because those courses are on the list of supply chain electives.

If the student is a double major in MIS, the SCM course 799:450 Fundamentals of SC Solutions with SAP can count as a MIS elective.