RBS Works

Working RBS Students

Attending college while maintaining an off-campus job poses unique challenges and opportunities for students. RBS Works utilizes a small-group mentoring model to offer students industry insights and expose them to potential career pathways. RBS Works focuses on relevant topics for working students and helps you maximize your education, work experience, and future business career. This group mentoring program supports your professional development as you balance multiple commitments.

Network with business professionals, gain invaluable knowledge, and learn to utilize your work experience for your professional goals through RBS Works!

Program Structure

RBS Works offers an opportunity for working students to gain impactful mentoring while balancing their work, school, and personal commitments.

  • Mentoring Group Size: 10 – 15 students
  • Duration of program: One Semester (4-5 months)
  • Approximate Time Commitment: 6 hours total
  • Program Requirements include:
    • Attend RBS Works orientation (1 hour)
    • Attend 4 small-group mentoring sessions (1 hour each)
    • Complete the pre- and post-program surveys

Students who complete the program receive a Certificate of Achievement.


  • Have a full or part-time, off-campus job (working 20+ hours per week)

Joining RBS Works

The RBS Works program is offered every Fall and Spring semester. Program recruitment occurs the semester or summer prior to the start of the program. During this period, students will receive advertisements inviting them to apply. Eligible students can submit an application via the link included in advertisements. Students will be notified of their acceptance into the program and asked to confirm their spot.

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