Financial Planning Track

The financial planning track is designed to prepare undergraduate finance majors for an exciting career in financial advisement, where you are helping clients secure a solid financial future. Our program provides an approved, practical and theoretical approach to personal financial planning. Successful completion of this curriculum satisfies the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards of education and assists you in taking the CFP Board Examination.

Required Courses (21 credits)

Course # Title Cr
29:390:315 Investments* 3
29:390:370 Financial Institutions & Markets* 3
29:393:341 Financial Planning/Insurance** 3
29:393:466 Estate Planning** 3
29:393:467 Retirement Planning** 3
29:393:469 Taxation Issues Affecting Financial Planning** 3
29:393:495 Capstone: Developing a Financial Plan** 3


  • *29:390:329 - Finance
  • **29:390:315 - Investments

Suggested Course Sequence

Sophomore Year Second Semester 29:390:329 Finance
Junior Year First Semester 29:390:315 Investments
  Second Semester 29:390:370 Financial Institutions & Markets
    29:393:341 Financial Planning/Insurance
Senior Year First Semester 29:393:467 Retirement Planning
    29:393:469 Taxation Issues Affecting Financial Planning
  Second Semester 29:393:466 Estate Planning
    29:393:495 Capstone: Developing a Financial Plan

Questions? Contact the program director, Professor Ronald Richter, at