Grades for courses in the Ph.D. in Management Program are handled through the Program Office. All grade sheets, changes of grades, etc., should be sent directly to the Program Administrator, not to your departmental office or the Registrar.

The rules of the Graduate School provide for the following grades in doctoral courses, including special topics courses (courses ending in 685):

Letter grade Numerical Equivalent Definition
A 4.0 Outstanding
B+ 3.5  
B 3.0 Good
C+ 2.5  
C 2.0 Satisfactory
F 0.0 Failure

The grades A-, B,- and C- are not accepted by the Graduate School. Minuses on an instructor’s grade sheet are dropped when the grade is recorded.

Work in dissertation research (799) should be evaluated as satisfactory (S) or unsatisfactory (U).

Withdrawal. Students receive a W (withdrawal) on their transcript if they withdraw for a course between the 2nd and 11th week of classes.

Incomplete. The grade INC (Incomplete) may be assigned at the discretion of an instructor who believes that an extension of time is warranted for a student whose work is incomplete at the end of the term. If the instructor does not feel that an extension is warranted, he or she should assign a grade based on the work the student has done. Since each new semester brings new demands, it is not necessarily a favor to a student to agree to a request for an IN. A professor cannot give a student more time; the professor can only allow the student to take time away from other work.

An instructor assigning an INC in a doctoral course (including independent study and research credits other than dissertation research) is asked to submit along with their grade sheet an incomplete form, which sets a deadline for the submission of the work to correct the incomplete and specifies a grade to be assigned if the deadline is not met.

Instructors are asked not to assign the grade INC routinely as a way of prolonging the work period for the course. In addition to interfering with the student’s work in the following semester, an IN may also jeopardize financial support. The renewal of a teaching assistantship can be delayed or jeopardized by an incomplete. Students are usually denied renewal if they still have an incomplete from the fall semester on March 31 or an incomplete from the spring semester on July 1.

The Graduate School-Newark requires that if a grade of INC is given, any change of grade must be submitted within 12 months after the end of the course. After the 12 months have elapsed, no change may be made and the INC will remain on the student's permanent record.

The Graduate School at NJIT has more stringent rules. Any incomplete not changed within one semester automatically becomes an F on NJIT transcript and cannot be changed. The summer is counted as a semester in the interpretation of this rule, so that incompletes from the spring semester must be changed by the end of the summer. NJIT rule is enforced strictly except for the courses cross-listed with our program (NJIT CIS 675, 677, 679, 732, and 776). A grade of INC given to a student in our program in one of these courses does change to an F after one semester, but it can still be changed by the instructor until 12 months have elapsed after the end of the course. This exception for our students is not made in other CIS courses.

If a student accumulates 12 or more credits of INC, future course registration is denied unless an exception is made by the Dean of the Graduate School-Newark. When a student fails to register for this or any other reason, they must apply for readmission in order to return to the program.

A grade other than INC is normally changed only if the instructor discovers an error in the determination of the grade. A letter grade should not be changed because of the submission of additional work after it was assigned.