Program Goals

1.1 Goal: Educate students who can strengthen faculty research and contribute to an environment that permits the recruitment of first-rate faculty.

Process / Follow-up:Individual faculty members will use their contacts with the larger academic world to recruit students for our program. The chairs and the RBS Dean's office will include in their evaluation of faculty for merit raises both this recruitment activity and the evidence for student recruitment provided by the faculty member's individual web site, which should provide potential applicants with downloadable research papers and examples of the faculty member's work with doctoral students. The Doctoral Coordinating Committee and the doctoral committees for each major will examine applications for admission in order to match them with faculty research interests and capabilities. Each departmental chair will fund and organize one or more regular research seminars in their department. The Ph.D. program will require doctoral students to attend the seminars in their major. Students will be required to complete research papers during each of their first two summers and to present their work in the seminars for their major.

Responsibility: Faculty, Chairs, RBS Dean's office, Department chairs, Ph.D. Director, Assistant Dean for the Doctoral Program, Doctoral Coordinating Committee, Doctoral Committees for the majors

Measurement Criteria: Attendance by each student at seminars is monitored through the student's study plan, which is updated every May 1 and December 1.

1.2 Goal: Educate students who can help faculty bring first rate instruction to the undergraduate and MBA levels.

Process / Follow-up: The Ph.D. Director and Coordinating Committee will make it a priority to recruit a substantial number of students into the program who have promise as first-rate teachers. The Ph.D. Director and the Assistant Dean for the Ph.D. Program will conduct a teacher training program. Faculty members who are assigned doctoral students as research assistants will include teacher training activities in the student's duties. Each student will teach a section on their own as part of their TA duties. Chairs will plan TA assignments in order to develop doctoral students as potential instructors.

Responsibility: Ph.D. Director, Doctoral Coordinating Committee, Assistant Dean for Doctoral Programs, Faculty, Chairs

Measurement Criteria: The Assistant Dean for Doctoral Programs will make a report at the end of each academic year on the teacher training program. Information on the total teaching activity of the doctoral students and recent doctoral graduates will be included in the program's annual accountability report.

1.3 Goal: Increase the number of Ph.D. students supported by faculty-generated external funds in the next 5 years.

Process / Follow-up: The Graduate School will provide tuition remission to facilitate the support of students by grants. The Ph.D. director will give priority in assigning state-supported TAships to majors in which faculty provide grant support. The Dean will provide recognition to faculty members who obtain and use grants to support doctoral students in our program, beyond the recognition given to faculty members who obtain and use research grants for other purposes.

Responsibility: Associate Provost for Graduate Studies, Ph.D. Director, RBS Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Measurement Criteria: Information on financial support for doctoral students is included in the program's annual accountability report.

1.4 Goal: Continue to graduate approximately 13 students each year and maintain enrollment of 80 to 85.

Process / Follow-up: The Ph.D. Director and the Doctoral Coordinating Committee will monitor student progress. The Director will enforce rules requiring probation and eventual dismissal for students not making progress. Students will be required to report on their progress and plans in updates to their study plan due every May 1 and December 1.C15

Responsibility: Ph.D. Director and Doctoral Coordinating Committee

Measurement Criteria: Information on the number of graduates and current enrollments are included in the program's annual accountability report.

1.5 Goal: Place some graduates at nationally ranked universities.

Process / Follow-up: Include in faculty recruiting plan recruiting of senior faculty eager and able to take a leadership role in doctoral education. Provide these faculty with working conditions (including teaching loads) that permit them to work effectively with doctoral students. Develop curricula that permit students to specialize in areas where we can establish a competitive advantage. Work with the Provost's Office and other Rutgers-Newark schools to improve availability of first-rate methodology and statistics courses to our doctoral students. Strengthen enrollments in advanced doctoral courses by working with other schools on the Newark campus and developing master's work allied with the doctoral program.

Responsibility: RBS Dean, RBS Planning Committee, Department chairs, Ph.D. Director, Doctoral Coordinating Committee, Associate Provost for Graduate Studies

Measurement Criteria: Information on placement is included in the program's annual accountability report, and information about current positions held by graduates is maintained in the alumni section of the Ph.D. program's website.