Independent Study & Dissertation Credit

There are four different ways of enrolling for research work supervised by an individual faculty member: the first early research seminar (686), the second early research seminar (687), independent study (688), and dissertation research (799). Student must enroll once for 686 and once for 687.

In order to protect the integrity of the program, we limit enrollment in dissertation credit. A student may not enroll in dissertation credit until after they have passed the qualifying examination.

Students who need to enroll for credit but are not eligible for enrollment in dissertation credit should enroll in independent study (688).This enrollment requires that the student complete and the adviser sign a copy of the Independent Study Form.

Students who have already accumulated the 24 credits of dissertation research and the 72 total credits required for the degree must enroll in at least one credit of research per semester in order to remain in the program. (Matriculation continued is available only to students who have been granted an official leave of absence.) Enrollment in the summer is not required in order to remain in the program.