Program Director

The Program Director is appointed by the Dean of the Rutgers Graduate School-Newark. The selection of the person to be appointed is normally made by the Dean of Rutgers Business School (in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Program and the Provost of NJIT).

The Director must consult with the all the different faculty and administrative personnel involved in the program, across four campuses of two universities, in order to assure the Program's continuing health and integrity. The Director's duties include:

  • supervising the Assistant Dean, who is responsible for the operation of the Program Office,
  • appointing dissertation committees,
  • chairing the Executive Committee,
  • Chairing the Coordinating Committee
  • nominating faculty for membership in the doctoral faculty,
  • making final decisions on admission and readmission of students,
  • making final decisions on awarding and renewing financial aid,
  • approving any waivers of program rules or exemptions from requirements,
  • approving requests for transfer of course credit from other programs or institutions,
  • approving course proposals initiated by Departmental Doctoral Committees and requesting their approval by the Courses of Study Committee of the Rutgers Graduate School-Newark,
  • approving curriculum changes recommended by Departmental Doctoral Committees and requesting their approval by the Coordinating Committee.
  • coordinating the assignment of teaching assistant duties, in consultation with the Department Chairs and the Deans of Rutgers Business and NJIT School of Management.

Any decision by the Director may be appealed to the Executive Committee of the Program.