Business of Sustainability Minor

Rutgers Business School’s Undergraduate Program in Newark and New Brunswick offers a minor in Business of Sustainability to provide students with a strong foundation in the broad functional areas of sustainability and business. The 18-credit minor consists of 6 three-credit introductory courses covering each of Rutgers Business School’s disciplinary areas. This combination provides a substantial and comprehensive overview of the major aspects of business administration.

The Business Administration minor requires the successful completion with a grade of "C" or better of the following courses and maintaining an overall GPA of at least 2.8:

Course # Title
29:010:203 Financial Accounting
29:390:203 Introduction to Finance
OR Finance (29:390:329)*
29:620:301 Introduction to Management
29:630:301 Introduction to Marketing
29:799:440 Foundation: Supply Chain Environmental Management/Green Purchasing;
must take all four courses above prior to taking this course
Choice of one of the following:
29:522:334 Ethics in Business
29:382:302 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
29:382:310 Social Entrepreneurship
29:382:342 Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

*Please note that if you intend to transfer into the Business School, Introduction of Finance (29:390:203) cannot be used for any Business School major. You will need to take Finance (29:390:329) instead and that course has the following pre-requisites: Applied Calculus (21:640:119), Statistics (21:220:203 OR 21:640:211), and Managerial Accounting (29:010:204).

Though the minor is kept to 18 credit hours, we further include the following as suggested courses to round out the experience (again, these courses are not required):

Course # Title
29:220:101 Introduction to Micro Economics
21:220:102 Introduction to Macroeconomics