International Business Minor

For Non-Rutgers Business School students

Non-RBS students pursuing the IB Minor will take six courses in all (i.e., 18 credits). The required course track for this minor will be for non-RBS students to first take THREE Core Courses (9 Credits), then take the THREE Elective courses (9 Credits) from the list of electives below. At least TWO of the Elective courses (and therefore five of the six total required courses) must be RBS courses, which means that one can be a non-RBS Rutgers course with an international orientation.  Students must declare the IB Minor in order to have access to the Core Courses listed below.

To be eligible to be admitted to the IB Minor, students must be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

International Business Minor Fact Sheet

RBS International Business Minor (Total 18 Credits)

Three Core Courses: Total 9 Credits

Core/Required courses Pre-req Offered by
Introduction to Management (29:620:301) N/A MGB
International Business (29:620:368) 29:620:301 MGB
Global Management Strategy (29:620:402) 29:620:301 MGB

Pick any 3 Elective Courses: Total 9 Credits

At least two of three Elective Courses will need to be appropriate internationally oriented courses at RBS. Options will include the following five MGB courses:

Elective Courses Pre-req Offered by
Cross-cultural Management (29:620:320) 29:620:301 MGB
Global Experience course (e.g. Doing Business in India/China/South Africa/Emerging Markets) (29:620:479) 29:620:301 MGB
Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations (29:620:370) 29:620:301 MGB
Management Consulting (29:620:487) 29:620:301 MGB

Other RBS departments also have internationally oriented courses that could qualify towards the requirement of, at least, two RBS Electives. These include the following:

Elective Courses Offered by Other Departments Pre-req Offered by
Introduction to Marketing (29:630:301) N/A Marketing
International Marketing (29:630:371) 29:620:301 Marketing
Introduction to Supply Chain Management (29:799:301) N/A Supply Chain Management
Procurement and Global Sourcing strategy (29:799:305)  29:799:301 Supply Chain Management
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (29:799:490) 29:799:301 Supply Chain Management
 International Financial Management (29:390:375) 29:390:300 Finance & Economics

Additionally, it will be possible for students to count one internationally-oriented non-RBS course towards completing the IB Minor. This includes, but is not limited to, the following pre-approved options:

 Pre-Approved Non-RBS Elective Options Offered by
America and the World (21:790:202) Political Science
Introduction to Comparative Politics (21:790:203) Political Science
World Politics (21:790:321) Political Science
International Economic Relations (21:220:335) Economics
International Finance (21:220:336) Economics
Economic Development (21:220:339) Economics
20th Century World History (21:510:213) History
American Economic and Business History (21:512:358) History
Capitalism and Socialism (21:510:362) History
History Colonialism and Decolonization (21:510:379) History