Rutgers Real Estate Society

Rutgers Real Estate Society



The purpose of the real estate society shall be to educate the student body on the Real Estate industry. The Rutgers Real Estate Club is a place for people interested in Real Estate, Internships, and Everything Business to come together and learn from experienced industry speakers and each other.

The society also provides networking and internship opportunities. WE ACCEPT ALL STUDENTS, BUSINESS OR NOT!

Membership Benefits: 

  • Multiple opportunities to meet and network with professionals
  • Learn from the experience of alumni
  • Improve your technical skills
  • Resume development
  • Growth in interviewing techniques


How can I join?

You can join our club by emailing us at or searching up our organization on Raider Link.  Please provide us with your full name, major, graduation year, the type of student you are (freshman, sophomore, etc.), and email address.

Executive Board Members

Sudharshan Balaji
Jessenia Morales
VP of Member Relations
Jeremiah Gouda
VP of Marketing
Kayla Velasco
Jayden Cruzado
VP of Corporate Relations
Shubam Parekh


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