Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business

Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business or "RUWIB" is a club that supports and encourages professional women in the business community. RUWIB is committed to encouraging personal growth for the student body through social events and opportunities where they will be able to network with fellow Rutgers students, alumni, faculty, administrators and leaders in the outside business community.

Our goals are:

  • To bring together, empower and unite young women interested in business and expand the view of women’s leadership to a global perspective.
  • To assert the importance of women leadership and solidarity.
  • To present young women with opportunities to discover and develop their leadership role in business and the world at large and further the development of young women in becoming effective, ethical and empowered leaders;
  • To promote and encourage young women leaders in their chosen careers;
  • To find ways of serving the campus and the greater Newark community, leveraging our leadership skills and business knowledge.

Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business is open to all undergraduate students of Rutgers-Newark University.

To join or to learn more about RUWIB: