Business Association of Supply Expertise

Business Association of Supply Expertise - BASE


The objective of this organization is to prompt professional organizations to our student members, promoting technical, analytical, and professional social skills that students will need when in the professional world

About BASE

The purpose of this organization is to assist students in developing imperative skills that are used in the professional world. This organization, and the skills promoted by this organization are beneficial to all business majors, with a special concentration to Supply Chain majors.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to all BASE events
  • Networking opportunities with professional organizations
  • Participate in Excel Certification Program
  • Participate in Case Study Competitions

How can I join BASE?

You can become a member by requesting a membership at the link below.

Executive Board Members

Cinthya Herencia
Vice President
Donville Robinson
Events Director
Mariam Iskander
Marketing Director
Phoebe Pilapil
Sunny Patel
Chief Liaison Officer
Aneri Patel
Chief Operating Officer
Rushil Shah

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