National Association of Black Accountants

The Rutgers Newark Chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. (NABA) has the largest student support in the state of New Jersey. Many of its members have been very successful in their respective fields and have continued on to become CPA‘s and top managers within major firms and corporations.

NABA continues to work on campus for the betterment and edification of all students in any major. Its commitment to excellence has made its student members some of the most sought after on campuses across the country. Its emphasis on character building, ethics, morality and professionalism has helped students gain the respect and competence needed to maintain that competitive edge in the business environment. To encourage a continued commitment to excellence, NABA rewards its student members with scholarships based on need and academic performance.

NABA has many conventions throughout the year. The student convention, which is held in October, provides an excellent opportunity for students to attend skills workshops, and interview with prospective employers for summer internships and/or full time employment.


Email us at so you can become part of NABA.

RBS Faculty Advisor

Professor Dan Stubbs