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Association of Latino Professionals For America

ALPFA - Undergraduate Newark


Our mission is to empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation, in every sector of the global economy.

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ALPFA is a leading national, Latino-based non-profit organization. We provide the resources, connections, and opportunities needed to succeed post-college.

ALPFA creates opportunities, adds value, and builds relationships for its members, the community, and business partners.

At ALPFA Rutgers Newark, we strive to develop our students into the next generation of leaders. We work to build relationships that connect students with corporate professionals, foster an inclusive community, and provide streamlined access to resources and opportunities.

Membership and participation are open to all students.
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Membership Benefits

• Top tier professional development workshops and career resources – including ALPFA National’s connections.
• Access to a network of Fortune 500 companies – helping you land internship/full-time opportunities.
• A community of likeminded individuals who become your support system
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How can I join ALPFA?

Join ALPFA by filling out our interest form!

Executive Board Members

Alexandra Ramirez
Executive Vice President
Arlyn Flores
Executive Secretary
Alexander Sanchez 
Joseph Pavlovich
VP of Professional Development
Isaiah Montanez
VP of Events
Nicole Celino
VP of Consulting
Karla Cabrera
VP of Community Outreach
Alexis Beato
VP of Fundraising
Maria Espitia
VP of Member Relations  
Selva Garcia
VP of Marketing
Aixa Giraldo
VP of Technology 
William Arevalo

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