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Data Science Society



To educate and prepare students for a career in data science.


About RBS Data Science Society

We are a community of students passionate about all things data science. Data science is a rapidly-growing field due to its versatility. It is a field not only applicable to data science/big technology companies, but it can also be applied in the financial services industry, the media industry, and so much more. We hope to help students, particularly BAIT majors at RBS but open to students of all majors, break into the industry. To accomplish this, we hold professional development and educational workshops, speaker events, and more throughout the semester!

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunities to connect with professionals in the data science industry
  • Access to Introductory workshops covering programming languages and other applications commonly used in the data science space
  • Access to potential new initiatives/projects to come!

 How can I join DSS?

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Executive Board Members

Roshni Srivinas
Vice President
Abigail Leung
Ritu Patel
Myra Lekic
Marketing Chair
Yousra Belgaid
Event Coordinators
Sulphia Iqbal
Aarushi Jain
Outreach Coordinators
Omkar Iyer
Nikhil Golla

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For more information, please email: rbsdatascience@gmail.com.