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Rutgers Undergraduate Women in Business

RUWIB’s Mission

Women in Business is a student-led organization dedicated to providing women the opportunities, education, and skills necessary to succeed in a business environment. Founded in 2013 in affiliation with the Rutgers Business School, our mission is to empower women to understand and reach their highest potential while inspiring them to uplift and empower the lives of others. 

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Our Story

Founded in 2013, Rutgers Women in Business (RUWIB) supports our members to achieve meaningful career direction and provides them with opportunities for growth. As an organization, we help our members develop their professional networks and relationships with mentors, provide them with workshops and speaker series, allow members to participate in leadership and entrepreneurship conferences, and more.

Membership and participation are open to all students.
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Membership Benefits

● Gain access to the Mentorship Program, where members will get matched with an older mentor with similar interests and career goals
● One on one resume building & critiques with WIB board members
● Participate in WIB events open specifically to members only
● Become involved in small projects/service events centered around women empowerment in the community
● Shadow board/committee members and take guidance from the women around you
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How can I join RUWIB?

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Executive Board Members

Sahanah Sahay
Co-Vice President
Roshni Desai
Co-Vice President
Emilia Galkin
Amrutha Bhavaraju
Angelina Chen
Saniya Bagewadi


Sanya Goel
Alison Ranieri
Poorvi Mohapatra
Semiha Khan
Sia Mukhi 
Ria Sharma

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