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Ascend: Pan-Asian Leaders

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The mission of Ascend - Rutgers, New Brunswick, is to continuously influence and encourage professional development in students while serving as a collective voice for the Asian and Pacific Islander community in the field of business. And to build a community for Asian and Pacific Islander students through social and culturally-themed events.

About Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders

Ascend Pan Asian Leaders is a dynamic and influential organization dedicated to empowering Pan-Asian professionals and leaders across various industries. With a mission to foster the growth of its members and enhance their impact in the business world, Ascend is committed to creating a strong and vibrant community of diverse talents. Ascend’s objectives include cultivating the growth of professional skills for our members, providing professional opportunities for our members, encouraging a continuous presence of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the business professions, promoting a high standard of professional ethics, and serving public interests in the community.

Membership and participation are open to all students.

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Membership Benefits

● Access to a vibrant and diverse community of Pan-Asian professionals and leaders.
● Networking opportunities with industry experts, corporate executives, and influential leaders.
● Exclusive invitations to workshops, seminars, and conferences on professional development and leadership.
● Mentorship programs that pair members with experienced mentors for personalized guidance and support.
● Job boards and career resources for finding professional opportunities and career advancement.
● Opportunities to participate in community outreach programs and make a positive impact on society.
● Participation in leadership development programs and skill-building sessions.
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How can I join Ascend?

Attend general interest meetings.

Board Members

President: Rohan Duriseti
Vice President: Kaitlyn Lee
Treasurer: Shreyank Yelagoila
Secretary: Katelyn Ng
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