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Future Business Leaders of America



FBLA’s Mission

Our mission is to bring business and education together by providing opportunities for students, both business and non-business majors, to develop necessary skills they can use for any future career.

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About Rutgers FBLA

Future Business Leaders of America provides all students of every background opportunities to be part of our community and take part in our activities, events, and meetings with other career-driven people. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education organization with a quarter million students nationally preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. If you are interested in streamlining your career preparation when applying for job opportunities and are motivated to improve one’s leadership and communication skills, FBLA is the organization for you!

FRESHMEN: This is the perfect club for you! Come learn and develop your networking skills! See how to get a head start in your career by learning how to network with potential employers during upcoming career fairs and events! Use this year to gain the skills you need to be successful and grow within our club. Join a committee to get more involved and help build your resume!

SOPHOMORES: Fine-tune the skills that you already have, and practice introductory speeches! Also, receive feedback on professional dress and basic strategies for getting the most out of upcoming careers fairs! Use your knowledge and experiences to help refine your developing skills and improve yourself to be the best you can be. Apply to either of our five committees to share your skills if you haven't already.

JUNIORS: Perfect your career skills! Learn new tactics to obtain that dream internship this summer! Help coordinate and teach younger members from personal experiences. Apply to our executive board to help shape the club and help new club members become the best versions of themselves.

SENIORS: BECOME A MENTOR! Come share your experience with the rest of the FBLA members during our workshops and learn more about formal networking at the same time. You never know which contact might prove useful in the future, especially if you're going into the corporate world. Participate actively in FBLA Professional Development by helping the other members out and improve your resumes and cover letters with real leadership experiences in FBLA.

Members posing as a group at an event

Membership Benefits

● Engage in our periodic professional development events that delve into public speaking, resume building, interviewing, networking, and other important topics.
● Participate in our workshops, speaker panels, and information sessions that will help you zero in on the critical professional skills you need to succeed.
● Participate in state and national-level academic conferences that will strengthen your resume.
● Travel to various locations across the country (Chicago, Illinois; Anaheim, California; Baltimore, Maryland; etc.) for these conferences at little to no cost, thanks to Rutgers’ generous contributions to our organization.
● Become part of a close-knit, symbiotic community as we navigate Rutgers and the professional world together.
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How can I join Rutgers FBLA?

It’s easy to join! Look us up on Rutgers getInvolved or on our Instagram to see when we hold our general interest meetings and events. If you like the club and would like to get more involved, talk to the president or a different E-board member to learn more about the club. Join us to learn more about the skills you need to get that dream internship as well as how you can participate in the academic conferences which are great travel opportunities!

2022-2023 Board Members

Xinrui Ye
Internal Vice President
Uma Dhekne
External Vice President
Winnie Zhu
Michael Shalonov
Soham Warik
Director of Professional Development
Neet Dhabalia
Co-Director of Events
Jasmine Khosla
Co-Director of Events
Ella Patel
Seung Imm
Director of Community Service
Ethan Lee
Director of Fundraising
Mahek Mansuri
Srishti Sen

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