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We focus on placing students in front-office positions (investment banking, sales & trading, research, and investment management) at leading firms on Wall Street.


We host a wide range of educational and networking activities throughout the academic year, giving students opportunities to obtain and succeed at interviews. Our meetings and workshops are specifically designed to prepare our members for the rigorous Wall Street interview process. In any given year, the overwhelming majority of Rutgers students who receive summer internships or full-time job offers in front-office positions are active LIBOR members.

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Membership Benefits

● Learn about fast-paced, intellectually rewarding, and lucrative jobs on Wall-Street and how to recruit successfully for them
● Form connection with investment bankers and traders form top Wall-Street firm at on-campus event held by LIBOR
● Submit your resumes for to be included in resume bundles sent directly to senior Rutgers alumni on Wall Street and be selected for interviews
● Improve your resume, and networking skills with the help of the E-board
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How can I join LIBOR?

Go to our website and sign up to our mailing list

Executive Board Members

Yan Leyzerovych 
Shreya Sharma 
Vice President
Jane-Marie Lai
Kriish Parekh
Director of Marketing
Sia Mukhi 
Director of Communications
Ansh Doshi
Co- Editor in chief of LIBOR Financial 
Richard Kim
Michelle He
Co-head of Student Managed Fund 
Rayhan Murad 
Ritvik Sharma 
Co-Director of Bender Trust and External Activities
Rishi Mendiratta 
Greepan Patel
Co-director of Alumni Relations
Kishan Dalal 
Katherine Lombardi




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